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Weavings . . .

Is weaving a craft?  Is it art? Does it matter?


Either way, weaving involves envisioning a design, imagining textures, planning out patterns -- and executing your vision using mathematical calculations.  Patience and precision are essential.  And, alongside the discipline, it is important to keep a channel open to spontaneity.  Close attention to the needs of your equipment accompanies your every move.

Primrose in Diamonds adj loresweb.jpg

With loom weaving, every movement of your hands creates an intersection and thousands of options to consider – right or left – up or down – color here - none there.  You can try to control the journey, but in the end . . . success comes from balancing control with serendipity . . .  and letting the materials speak for themselves.  

Trust has a huge role to play in the outcome.

Most of the textiles Lynn weaves are inspired by Asian meditative scrolls.  The designs ascend inspiring a  transition through life's challenges toward greater insights and compassion. 


Some of these pieces displayed here are available for purchase. Similar works can be commissioned. 

If interested in purchasing or commissioning woven textiles, please contact Lynn.

Painted Warp Ikats

The pieces below are woven using a technique where the warp threads are dyed before putting them on the loom.  This creates a feathered affect where the colors blend into each other. 


Most pieces pictured here are 65 to 72" in length and 16" to 24" in width.  Some are banded at the top and bottom in silk (Dupion & Shantung).  The weights (fuchin in Japanese) are often handmade from wetted felt, seeds and colored clay.


The pieces that are available for purchase are noted as "AVAILABLE."

Click here for some images of the process.

Funneling Light hires(2018) lores.jpg

Funneling Light


Filtered Fronds adj lores.jpg

Filtered Fronds


Finding Home adj lores.jpg

Finding Home


Mists at Dawn adj lores.jpg

Mists at Dawn


Ikat - Stargazing adj lores.jpg


Private Collection

Lighting the Way adj lores.jpg

Lighting the Way

Private Collection

Ikat - Sensations Rising adj lores.jpg
Sakura adj lores.jpg
Surf Rising 1 adj lores.jpg

Sensations Rising


Floating Light adj _gallery lores.jpg

Floating Light

Hawai`i State Foundation on Culture & Arts Recognition Acquisition


Private Collection

Surf Rising I

Temari Award & 

Hawai`i State Foundation on Culture & Arts Recognition Acquisition - 2022

LMG 1A-Refracted Helix-1 lores.jpg
Piercing the Mist adj lores.jpg

Piercing the Mists


Refracted Helix

Hawaiʻi Handweavers Hui Award - 2022


Irpin Hero River of Kyiv adj lores.jpg

Irpin - Hero River of Kyiv

Hawai`i Craftsmen Merit Award in Fiber Arts - 2022

Private Collection

Overshot with sashiko embroidery

The textiles below are inspired by Asian meditative scrolls and are woven using an overshot technique where the weft thread skips over warp threads to create a pattern.  They are adorned with sashiko stitching. 

Imperial Pulses II

Private Collection

Fleeting Foliage

Private Collection


Hawai`i State Foundation on Culture & Arts Recognition Acquisition - 2021

Fleeting Foliage lores.jpg
Imperial Pulses II lores.jpg
Honaunau adj lores.jpg
Overshot - Kata Prayer Scroll adj lores.jpg

Kata Prayer Scroll


Everlasting Primroses for Ukraine

Private Collection

Photographs by Lynn Martin Graton unless otherwise noted.

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